When it comes to training, I mostly tutor Dutch primary schools in how to teach their pupils English. I also host training sessions, workshops and presentations based on my expertise in content creation.

Teaching English

Having been raised by an English father and a Dutch mother, I didn’t only learn to use these languages fluently, I also developed a huge love for both of their spoken and written forms. My enthusiasm for early language development inspired me to become a qualified teacher in this field, who gladly tutors Dutch primary schools in teaching their pupils English. Please find more information about the services my business partner Bianca Timman and I provide with ‘Little Acorns’.

Hosting workshops

Apart from the Cambridge University certificate in teaching English to adults (Celta) and the diploma in Early English Education (Hogeschool Utrecht) I obtained in 2015, I also followed public speaking courses in 2013 and 2018. This enables me to host public training sessions and workshops or give presentations about my field of expertise (as portrayed on this website.) Feel free to enquire about the possibilities.


“In the classroom, Helen had a strong presence and a good manner. She used her voice to good effect and the students responded well to her lively style and humour.”

Alison Choy | CELTA-tutor BSN Language Centre