Feel free to contact me with any questions about editing you may have, however big or small.


  • Have you made or received a text in Dutch or English that could be professionalised?
  • Do the words miss a specific tone?
  • Is your article due to be published but in need of an editorial eye?
  • In need of temporary (senior) editing help?

With these, or any other writing challenges, I’m able and happy to help.

I am an experienced writer whose articles have been published in newspapers and magazines for over twenty years. In the Netherlands, I’ve worked as an editor in TV (Nova) and radio (Kunststof), and in publishing as a executive editor (Runner’s World) and editor-in-chief (Nieuwe Liefde magazine). This makes me highly experienced in coordinating all kinds of media productions and supervising the whole editing and printing process.

A few of my clients regarding editorial work

Runner's World
Kunststof Radio
De Nieuwe Liefde