When I founded my writing practice after earning my degree in Journalism in 2000, I specialised in a few genres:



Because I am relentlessly interested in people and their stories, I wanted to make interviews that surpassed the selection of oneliners many ‘interviews’ consist of today. Women’s magazine esta gave me a platform to do so, after which I published dozens of in depth interviews with (mostly) Dutch artists.

I’m also experienced in writing interviews for special interest and customer magazines. Do the unique qualities of a specific person in your organisation need portraying? Need an interview that lowers the threshold to your area of expertise? Don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail.



Having been born with a love of language, I’ve enjoyed writing columns right off the bat. For years I wrote columns about my personal experiences and those of other start-ups in the monthly entrepreneurial magazine ‘Ondernemen!’. For the Dutch version of Esquire, my column tried to bridge the gap between men and women. And in the free daily newspaper De Pers (The Press) I wrote about young persons’ career challenges.

But I can (and will) write columns about anything. Whether it’s about stationary (in The Journalist) , poverty in the US (in The Press), the chocolate selection in sweet shops (on my blog), or the CEO’s opening article (in need of a ghost writer’s eye) – I can columnise it.


(English or Dutch) articles

Due to my bilingual upbringing, I am capable of writing articles in both Dutch and English. Here is an example of an article I wrote for the glossy magazine on Amsterdam culture, Rush on Amsterdam. See the portfolio page for more examples of my written work in English.

My general knowledge is well developed and my interests are vast – a combination that makes me both willing and able to write about many different topics. The arts, culture and media are fields of expertise, but I also enjoy describing people, places, social and academic developments.

So whether you are in need of editorial or commercial contributions, just present me with your topic and I’m highly likely to be able to put it into words.

TatC formula

Profound interest 100%
Thorough research 100%
Good conversations 100%
Made to match writing 100%


Good texts are always preceded by good conversations. This rule most obviously applies to interviews, but I believe it counts for reports, columns and commercial articles just the same.

I enjoy working with integrity; I research my topics of focus thoroughly and I’m committed to putting interviewees at ease. I’m convinced that this approach to my work – whatever the subject, writing genre, publishing medium or target audience might be – will lead to quality texts. Texts with recognisable sincerity.

A few examples

  • Rush on Amsterdam Magazine 2010 | 50 years Anne Frank house
    Rush on Amsterdam Magazine 2010 | 50 years Anne Frank house
  • Swoolish Garage | International material
    Swoolish Garage | International material
    Promotional content
  • Rush on Amsterdam 2009 | The world according to Cobra
    Rush on Amsterdam 2009 | The world according to Cobra
  • Rush on Amsterdam 2010 | Little Buddha Bar
    Rush on Amsterdam 2010 | Little Buddha Bar
    Promotional content

Some of the clients

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