Interested in discussing your future content? Feel free to enquire about the possibilities.


Whether it’s creating an idea for a fetching short column series, a string of signature long-reads, a sound plan for a new newsletter, a complete magazine concept, or the multi-disciplinary approach to distributing all your content – I can and would love to help.

Text and the City has worked for numerous print and online media from the get-go. I truly enjoy switching between titles and target groups as it allows me to dive into the interests of different follower-types and come up with content plans that would resonate with them the most. I’m happiest and at my best when I can use my creative, associative mind for editorial purposes. My criterium being that these concepts must attract new readers, or re-inspire existing followers, as I’m only content with concepts that exceed what already exists.

My brainstorm work in the past has led to the birth of:

  • The interviewseries The Seven Virtues in esta magazine (NL)
  • The columns The Desk in The Journalist and I am a runner in Runner’s World
  • Columns about sex in Esquire, the quarterlife crisis in The Press and young entrepreneurialism in Ondernemen! (NL)
  • The concepts behind the magazines Salomé and Nieuwe Liefde magazine (NL)
  • The online concept behind the website