About Text and the City

Text and the City is the writing practice founded by journalist and content strategist Helen Johnson and specialises in producing creative and quality content – in Dutch or English.


The beginning of the new Millennium, the year in which I published my first magazine articles, also meant the launch of Text and the City. Under this name, I have written numerous interviews, reports, columns and (Dutch and English) articles for numerous media outlets. (The Press, Esquire, esta, Holland Horizon, Reader’s Digest and Rush on Amsterdam to name but a few.)

I was raised by an English father and a Dutch mother in Groningen (The Netherlands), obtained my degree in Journalism in Utrecht in 2001 and decided to also use my bilingual background to my teaching advantage in 2015 (because I felt the need to help professionalise English language teaching at Dutch Primary Schools). The teacher training company I co-founded with Bianca Timman, Little Acorns, is dedicated to this purpose to this day.

Through the years, Text and the City has specialised in content strategy. My associative and conceptual way of thinking allows me to not only come up with fetching editorial concepts, but also create strategic plans for how to distribute content best – making use of all the available publishing platforms. Having built up this expertise during the last two decades, the plan is to put it to good use and perfect it during the next two. At the bare minimum.

Interested in what I’m busy with at the moment? Apart from the above, I’m also the Press Officer of the Royal Dutch national library. The website can be found here

Photography: Karlo Čargonja


My work experience and education from 1997 to the present:
  • National Library

    2020 – Nu
    Press Officer, Dutch National Library (KB)

    Text and the City

    2000 – Present
    Text and the City

    Little Acorns

    2015 – Present
    Co-Founder / Teacher trainer
    Little Acorns

  • Adformatie

    2019 – 2020
    Executive editor Adformatie


    2018 – 2019
    Executive Director Compendium of Cultural Policies & Trends

  • Course Cross-Media Strategy

    Course Cross-Media Strategy
    The big Story, Amsterdam

    Runner's World

    2015 – 2018
    Executive editor
    Runner’s World

  • Specialist Early English Teaching

    Specialist Early English Teaching
    Hogeschool Utrecht


    CELTA (Cambridge University Certificate English Language Teaching to Adults)
    British School Language Centre

  • Nieuwe Liefde

    2010 – 2014
    Editor-in-chief Nieuwe Liefde magazine

    Course novel writing

    Course novel writing
    Schrijversvakschool Amsterdam

  • Course in proze writing

    Course in proze writing
    Schrijversvakschool Amsterdam

  • Kunststof

    2007 – 2010
    Editor Kunststof Radio

  • School for Journalism

    1997 – 2001
    ‘School for Journalism’
    Hogeschool Utrecht


    Editor NOVA TV
    NPS/ Vara

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