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Having been raised by an English father and a Dutch mother, I didn’t only learn to use these languages fluently, I also developed a huge love for both of their spoken and written forms. My enthusiasm for communication inspired me to become a qualified teacher, who gladly tutors the Dutch in mastering the global Lingua Franca, English. As ‘Little Acorns’, my business partner Bianca Timman and I also train Dutch Primary School Teachers – in order for them to enhance the English language skills of their pupils.

As a teacher, I can attend to all the areas that English students want to focus on – whether it’s their speaking, writing, listening or reading skills. I enjoy helping students with their conversational capabilities, whilst brushing up their pronunciation at the same time.

My teaching style can be described as patient, clear, humorous, and culturally aware. Because of the time I spent in both England and The Netherlands, I have developed a strong sense for subtle cultural differences, making me able to train others in looking beyond a first impression and reading between the lines.


“In the classroom, Helen had a strong presence and a good manner. She used her voice to good effect and the students responded well to her lively style and humour.”

Alison Choy | CELTA-tutor BSN Language Centre